African Hair Braiding Technique Created By Ancestors To Help Prevent Hunger During Slavery Era

[Writer: Brittany Chisem]

Braids, are the common protective yet beautiful hair style which represents our culture, heritage and the survival of the fittest for our ancestors.

Phenomenal women who originated generations before, remained remarkably inventive in various ways; a testimony to both their extraordinary will power and their indestructible spirits that endured the most petrifying of times in African American history. Being educated on their hardships, is truly heart-breaking, but to know the extent they took to conquer is inspiring.

During the slave era, many were left to starve. However, the genius idea originated, giving a unique technique that involved hiding dry food in the braids for survival which delivers a completely new meaning to the term 'protective style.'

Instagram user @knowyourcaribbean delivered knowledge on a mysterious braiding method that enhances the reason of why African American women choose to wear braids and wear them proudly.

Discovering the ancestral technique of braiding both rice and seeds into their hair, captures an confirming feeling to know that the thick hair texture is both meaningful and gorgeous!


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