Beyoncé Continues “Schoolin’ Life,” And Uber Is Paying Her In Equity

[Written By: Zakiyyah Wilbert]

Beyhive, You ready?!

Beyoncé has (yet again) shattered through the “glass ceiling.”

On the THE CARTER’s hit single Apeshit, Beyoncé said it best, “Pay me in equity, watch me reverse out of debt.”

Could she have been foreshadowing her deal with Uber? Here’s what we know…In 2015, Beyoncé was offered six million dollars to perform for an Uber corporate event. Instead of cashing out immediately, she asked to be paid in equity! Due to Uber going public on the New York Stock Exchange, the deal is reportedly worth 300 million dollars.

“Ain’t nothing to a real one, Ain’t nothing to a boss.”- The Carters

Reports also mentioned, Jay Z made an investment into Uber as well. Now, “That’s a lot of brown children on your Forbes List.”

Although Beyoncé’s not a teacher, she’s been Schoolin’ Life. Overall, we can all learn a valuable lesson from this strategic business move. Monetary or personal investments can provide long-term satisfaction.

Here’s your lesson of the day: You can do ANYTHING.


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