Black-Owned Nail Polish Brands That Deserve Your Attention and Coinages

[Writer By: Brittany Chisem]

Wearing gorgeous nails is an established tradition in the culture of Black beauty. From

the lengthy, attractive nails from Coko of SWV to those of Rihanna, they have become a

pivotal part of our culture. Yet we barely see any black owners of this business.

Typically, majority of our nail salons and beauty supply stores in African American

neighborhoods are owned by Asians. There are very few black owned businesses that

sell the top grossing products that are frequently utilized within our culture.

African American women are starting their own nail polish companies. It takes years of

hard work to build long lasting relationships and respect with the communities, but now

we can at least regain some of our money by buying products by our own beauty

entrepreneurs. Check out the list of these need-to-know brands!


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