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G. Torres (real name Gregory William Torres), is a rapper and songwriter who is making his own way in the music industry. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in the city of Fayetteville, North Carolina since the age of seven. The musical genius is aiming to make his mark as one of the best music artist in history. G. Torres' illustrative lyrics and creative story telling explains why we have no doubt he will become one of the greatest music artist in the world. had the pleasure of interviewing the talented G. Torres. Check it out below!

Where did your passion for music come from? Please explain how it all started for you.

“Just being surrounded by it and being fascinated with the ability to rhyme. When I first learned about poetry in grade school I took to it fast because I thought it was the dopest thing ever. After moving to North Carolina and being around my older cousin playing Nas and Mobb Deep all the time and just hearing how effortlessly they do it to a dope beat. And seeing how someone could recite his lines word for word as if they wrote it themselves. But I can remember the moment I broke out of my shell. I was in the 7th grade and bunch of my classmates had a cypher going. I low-key felt I was dope and had been writing on the low in a small rhyme book I kept to myself but I never rapped in front of a big crowd, just around friends. I was nervous as hell, but I just waited my turn and went for it. Everybody in class was shocked and went crazy. After that it was a wrap.”

It’s no doubt that your lyrics are one of a kind. How do you get into a creative space to write your songs?

“The simplest thing can spark an idea. A word can spark an idea, a line can spark an idea. You literally can open your eyes and the first thing you see can be a concept or idea for a song. For me its just all about using it to get whatever message I want to get across to my audience. I either take that approach to write or I’ll let the vibe takeover. A producer will send me a beat and whatever vibe or mood it puts me in will tell me what I’m going to write about. It also allows me to see how I’m going to approach the beat as far as flow and melodies.”

Who are some of your biggest inspirations and why?

“Nas for sure, being that he was kind of the first rapper I heard that really had me like wow. Made me realize that you can rap whats real to you and make it dope enough for people to love. Eminem is hands down top 3 lyricist to me and Fabolous to me has always been a top lyricist who can give you a dope hit record. Especially for women. And women to me are important. Outside of mainstream, my inspiration stem from the local poetry scene back where I’m from. To me a poet can rap circles around any rapper and for a while that's the crowd I used to sharpen my pen and really hone my skill.”

What was the inspiration for starting your own music label, Lion Side Music Group?

“Well, I’m one that believes that if you're not signed to a major then you are independent regardless. I picked up on talks that being independent is the way to go and how labels be robbing artists and also with the success of Labels like Bad Boy, Roc Nation, Cash Money, Maybach Music it sparked the idea in my head of what my label would be if I had one. At that moment my gears started turning, I came up with the name and what it would stand for and how it would represent me and what I’m about. A vision came to mind of what my logo would be and I drew it up and made it myself. Then I took the legal step to make it an actual label. I wanted something I can call my own and create the body to the machine the moves my career forward which is now known as Lion Side Music Group.”

What was the process like filming to your new music video “Vices”?

“Visually is how I write, so there's a visual in my head vivid enough that I’ll have a video by the end of me writing the song. Especially a song where I’m story telling or the concept is structured enough to where I can create a relatable story line easily. I have a dope videographer by the name of Tony Fair of Teflon Media, someone I trust with my vision and is skilled enough that he can deliver whatever idea I give to him and bring it to life. With Vices it was the same story. Nicole Wilkerson came through for the leading lady role. My guy Nana played the no good boyfriend. And I just wanted to draw the parallel of how people use drugs and alcohol as a vice that can give you a temporary escape from your troubles to how a new love interest or someone you vibe with on that level can give you that same feeling. That concept in the hands of myself and Tony results in what you seen in the new video.”

What type of legacy would you like to leave behind and what do you have coming up?

“I definitely want to go down as one of the best if not the best to represent hip hop. Leave behind content and messages that stick with people for generations to come. I want to touch lives and inspire and be that artist many look up to and deem as important. As far as whats next, I’m currently working on my next project entitled, “Flawed." No release date as of yet but it's in the works for sure.”

Listen to "Vices" HERE and watch the music video HERE!

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