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IamDjstaxx, is a DJ from Hollis, Queens, New York who is mostly known for his collaborations with The Diplomats. He recently went on tour with rapper Mozzy and Lil Poppa, plus he was the official DJ for Brodie Fresh this past summer. With Jam Master Jay, DJ Red Alert and DJ Jazzy Jeff being some of his influences he is aiming to create a legacy like these DJ legends. It’s no doubt that the incomparable IamDjstaxx is quickly making a name for himself with his hard work ethic. had the pleasure of interviewing the talented IamDjstaxx. Check it out!

What made you want to be a DJ?

“For the love of music and I enjoyed watching crowds of people vibe and turn up the music other DJ’s would play. The energy the crowd gives off when they are enjoying themselves is dope!”

What steps did you take to become a DJ? Ex: How did you learn?

“I learned from watching other DJ’s and asking questions. I liked watching old videos on MTV Hip-hop week, Battle of the DJ’s featuring DJ Skribble, DJ Slynke, Grandmaster Flash, and Jam Master Jay.”

Who are some of your inspirations and why?

“Musically in the DJ world it’s DJ Jazzy Jeff because him and Will Smith were amazing together. DJ Funkmaster Flex is an inspiration. DJ Kid Capri is also because at one point, he was the most popular in the world and I want that success. Calvin Harris because of the records he can create. Marshmello because he’s an international superstar. There’s a lot more but I picked these DJs because of their different styles.”

Who would you like to collaborate with? If you haven’t done so already.

“Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Russ, and Rihanna”

What can people expect from your upcoming EP Lost Talent 2?

“They can expect some good music. They’ll have to listen and see for themselves because there will be surprises on the EP.”

What type of legacy do you hope to leave behind?

“I just want to be remembered as a dope artist and DJ. Hopefully one day, I can leave an imprint on this music business and be the topic of conversation.”

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