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Micky Munday, multi-talented rapper, model, and reality star is making a name for himself worldwide. The Los Angeles, California native has put out five mixtapes so far with his latest being "Beautiful Lies" Volume I, joined by single “Muchacho."

The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood media personality use his platform on the show not only to showcase his talents but to inspire people. He is currently gearing up to release two more mixtapes so we’ll be able to hear more of his unique and lyrical raps soon. Munday’s forthcoming projects will also be accompanied by single releases and visuals. Stay tuned! had the pleasure of interviewing the talented Micky Munday, check it out below!

How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

“Well I always used to write poetry when I met a friend that was interested in my life story and started sending me to Studio I would sleep outside the studio until they would let me in to showcase my talent for once people found out I was a good writer they let me write for them and then in the spare time they let me record my own songs.”

Who are you biggest inspirations?

“My family by far they are my everything.”

Who would you like to collaborate with? If you haven’t collaborated with them yet.

“Drake I think will be in incredible collaboration and just for the business side if you have a song with him you’re out of here tomorrow asap”

What can we expect from your new upcoming projects?

“A cool new style that is a blend of old school rap bars in metaphors with Merge of Todays Sound with Melody and a cool bounce.”

Besides your own music what other artist are you listening to these days?

“I’m the worst I really listen to instrumentals and myself most the time but when I am not doing that I like to listen to drake Kendrick Lamar Travis Scott J. Cole Chance the Rapper Migos future.”

What type of legacy would you like to leave behind?

“Well I would be lying if I didn’t say I would like to be the best ever I think everybody should strive to be the most incredible artist they can be I look at myself as a business and I think I am a star Who is very capable of being a superstar with the right team in just a little bit of Luck.”

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