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Venuza Scarlett, is an event designer and event emcee with a keen eye for creativity. The Brooklyn, New York native is on the rise to making her inclusive event planning company, Noel Luxury the next big thing. Her luxurious company is based in New York City but luckily for everyone she services clients worldwide. Venuza takes pride in her company which provides phenomenal plus breathtaking experiences for her clients and guests. had the pleasure of interviewing the talented Venuza Scarlett. Check it out!

What made you start Noel’s Luxury Event Planning?

“I have always had a love for event planning. Even as a child I remember hand making invitations to my birthday parties with construction paper, markers and glitter. All of my classmates wanted to be invited and I became known as the one who had all the best parties. Fast forward to two years ago, I decided to trust in my own talent and start my event planning company. I started off renting products like throne chairs for special events and baby showers and doing small aspects of the events like the backdrops. This September I decided to officially expanded and became a luxury brand offering full scale services.”

Where did the name for your company come from?

“The name Noel derives from my grandmother and her entire side of the family whose last name is Noel. I also gave my son Noel as a middle name to honor her so it was only right I

“Noel's Lux is an event planning brand that offers a luxury experience. When someone comes to a Noel's Lux event I want them to leave remembering how different and specular it was name my business after two very important people to me.”

What services do you offer and how can potential clients reach out to you?

”Noel’s Lux services weddings, baby showers, children’s parties, milestone birthday parties, corporate events, mitzvahs , and cultural weddings. I can be reached via phone or email both contacts are my website.

How does Noel’s Luxury Event Planning differ from other event planning companies out there?

“My brand is also different because not only do I offer a full scale event planning. I also offer emcee/hosting services as well. I love evoking emotion from an audience and I have experience as a wedding host. I wanted to set myself apart in a rapidly growing industry so I am literally putting all of my talents on the forefront in order to stand out.”

Being a luxury event planner takes true dedication in which you have. How do you stay balanced with everyday life while being a business woman?

“Honestly , if I told you I had it all figured I would be lying. I have come to the realization that things may not always be perfect or fall into a certain time frame and I am alright with that. I have learned to comfortably adjust my schedule at times and not feel so much pressure to be perfect. I have so much going on any given day considering I have family duties, a 9-5, plus a business , but I try my best to be realistic about time and I work it as best as I can. There is really no magic to it. I also have forced myself to have "me time". Self care is SO important and it took me a long time to realize that sometimes it’s not about anything else but making sure that you are healthy inside and out. I’m very spiritually as well and believe in positive vibrations. You need to be the best version of yourself in order to properly produce in all aspects of your life.”

Do you have any long term goals for your company? If so, please tell.

“My long term goals for Noel's Lux is to expand and offer even more services. Right now I offer event planning and emcee/hosting services. In the future I would like to get ordained to perform weddings. I'd also love to expand into planning honeymoons for my wedding clients. Essentially, I want to be a one stop shop for all your planning needs.”

What do you love most about being an event planner and overall creative?

“What I love most about being an event planner is my client’s reaction after seeing an event I designed. It's a priceless feeling knowing that you nailed it and that your client is extremely happy with your work. Of course I also love being creative and bringing something to life that was just an idea.”

Who would be your dream client and why?

“My dream clients include a few very inspirations people, but I would say the top of my list includes the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, Oprah and Tyler Perry, to name a few.”

How do you like to unwind after a long day of event planning?

“If you want the truth, I hardly get a chance to unwind after a long day of event planning ! and that comes with the territory. My team and I breakdown everything from the event and we are than tasked with bringing it back to storage. Most of my events take place during the weekends so I usually have work the following day. I do however treat myself to nice vacations periodically, I have a real passion for travel and it's the only time I really get to check out and relax. I'm still learning to balance my life with small gestures of unwinding that don't involve getting on a flight. It's really all a learning process and I am learning alot about myself as well.”

Last but not least, who inspires you and where do you see Noel’s Luxury Event Planning in three years?

“I am inspired everyday by those who were told they couldn't do something and there they are excelling in it! I love seeing that. I see Noel's Lux really expanding into the wedding industry , corporate and celebrity events. I'm a lover everything GRAND, FABULOUS! and OVER THE TOP. I want you come to an event I designed and say WOW, this is a Noel's Lux event because the experience is so memorable and jaw dropping.”

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