How To Stay Positive

[Written By: Zakiyyah Wilbert]

How to stay positive, while adjusting to life changes?

It would be inhumane to believe life is always peachy. Truthfully, many of the negative things we have endured has shaped us into the amazing individuals we are today. However, coping with negativity could often cause feelings of depression and loneliness. We would like to share a few tips on ways you can kick depressions butt.

Keep in mind, talking about mental health is important. We are not professionals, please contact a professional doctor if your symptoms continue or worsen.

Here are a few suggestions to turn your ‘SadderDay’ around:

1. Prayer.

For most spiritual individuals prayer heals all things.

2. Exercise.

Working out has been proven to help alleviate stress by reducing levels of body hormones and stimulating the production of endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that are natural painkillers and mood elevators.

3. Listen to something positive.

Uplift your mindset. Sometimes you’ll find the advice you were seeking by listening to your favorite forward-thinking podcast.

4. Eat something healthy.

Your body is your temple. Food has a positive impact on the way we continue the rest of our day.

5. Chat with positive friends who uplift you.

A night out with girlfriends will always do the trick. You can decide to chat over wine or dance with your dogs in the night time. Either way being around people who make you laugh, smile and have fun, can lift your spirits.

6. Rest.

A good rest day is always needed. Make sure you incorporate some amazing self-love routines such as, facials, massages, planning out your week etc.

Please share ideas or things you have done to stay positive.


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