Jennifer Lopez Slays At The MTV VMAs

[Writer: Brittany Chisem]

The 2018 VMAs was full of intriguing performances by society's favorites. The apparent best highlight was delivered by show stopper and recipient of this year's Vanguard Award, Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez is indeed a triple threat and she exemplified just that! She performed in iconic fashion Versace looks while serving her age-defying body. J.Lo changed outfits numerous times during her mesmerizing hit-filled medley. She astonished the audience with beginning her performance in blue and gold Versace as the presentation opened to "Waiting For Tonight." Lopez was extremely hype while captivating the audience with old and new songs alike. She gave viewers a rememberable show while singing throwbacks that included "My Love Don’t Cost a Thing," "All I Have." The top hit, "Jenny From The Block" was a taste of the Bronx culture as she included a 6 line subway train stage set.

Lopez, even took us back to the glory days while bringing out a few collaborators during her dynamic performance. Ja Rule joined the legendary diva on stage for "I’m Real" and "Ain’t It Funny." The medley closed out with "Dinero" which DJ Khaled and Cardi B graced the stage.

The Jennifer Lopez' Vanguard Award acceptance speech was full of passion. She encouraged the crowd as she spoke of the endless possibilities God and life offers everyone all through love. After thanking her collaborators and loved ones, J. Lo also pointed to the determination that brought her this far.

"I grew up on MTV, and this is really, like, a tremendous honor for me. It has been an incredible journey of dreaming my wildest dreams and then kinda watching them come true. Music, acting, performing – this career has always been kind of an obsession for me. When people have said, ‘You’re doing too much – you can only do one thing,’ I always had it in my mind. I was always a person who was like, ‘Why not?’ I kinda had to forge my own path and make my own rules. I was obsessed like that."


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