Lil Wayne Teases "Uproar" Video with Appearances From Instagram Stars

[Writer: Brittany Chisem]

Lil Wayne is back stronger than ever. Wayne took to Instagram to post a teaser clip for the upcoming "Uproar" video. The video begins with Fatboy SSE explaining that Weezy is "the best rapper alive." The subject is factual with Wayne expressing how being the greatest at what he does on Tha Carter V and in his daily life. With "Uproar" delivering hype vibes, it's genius that Wayne would find a way to monetize on the buzz surrounding the single. With a dance challenge in action, Wayne is officially teasing the upcoming music video, that’s set to be filled with cameos.

To add more into the excitement, Weezy and Swizz Beatz will be adding footage of some of the videos that helped make the song as big as it is. Outside of Fatboy SSE, Shiggy can also be seen in a few scenes. Although fans are getting extremely excited to view the entire video, the release date hasn’t been announced yet!

Majority of the intriguing video was filmed in New York. However, Wayne did return home to New Orleans so that he could shoot scenes in front of his mural.


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