( Exclusive) ‘Behind The Movement’ Starring Meta Golding As Rosa Parks

[Writer: Keasya Hudgins]

We have all heard the story of Rosa Parks and some would call her the First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement. Katrina O’Glivie is the writer behind the new Rosa Parks film “Behind the Movement, premiering Sunday, February 11 on TV One. TV One is a network that targets the African American community and tells our stories through film and television. In the film, “Behind the Movement”, O’Glivie tells a story that she feels is more true to who Rosa Parks was. She describes Ms. Parks as someone who was not old and tired but actually mentally stronger than anyone could imagine. Katrina studied and went to people who grew up in the south and in that time period to find out more about how people spoke and acted back then. After much research, she wrote a script that she feels was the true story of Rosa Parks and the historical events that lead to that moment on the bus.

TV One hosted a media teleconference in which was able to participate in, and we must say that the film has an amazing cast of great actors that embodied those people who were apart of the Civil Rights movement. Director Aric Avelino explains he grew up with the stories of our past black history struggles. He comes from a family who has had different involvements with historical figures of that period. These stories lead him to directing this filming with passion and truth. Avelino was able to guide the cast, which included Meta Golding, Isiah Washington and Loretta Devine, with the making of the film.

The star of film Meta Golding, who portrays Rosa Parks, gave a lot of credit to Aric Avelino for his guidance and trust that he instilled in her as an actor. Meta Golding was able to show Rosa Parks in a new light. Showing that Rosa was more than your average woman was. She was a religious woman, which led her to where she was as an activist. She carried a strong sense of self and confidence. Meta Golding recalls a memorable scene from filming was shooting the bus scene in the actual bus Rosa Parks sat down in when all of the events took place. She explains that being on the bus felt so powerful and overwhelming that she could not be on it for too long. Actor Isiah Washington, who portrays Edgar E.D. Nixon in the film, mentions that the script moved him. It was not the network or the studio that drew him in but actually the story being the film. “Behind the Movement” is a true insight our history and it inspired Isiah to want to be involved.

The movie is all historic and very little fiction. Most of the characters are actual people from that time; Katrina O’Glivie only made up a few to support the story. Aric Avelino mentions there was no audition process for “Behind the Movement”. The actors were individually chose based on whom he believed would embody the roles the way he envisioned them.

Make sure to tune in Sunday, February 11 at 7:00 p.m. (ET) on TV One to watch “Behind the Movement.” You don't want to miss it!


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