( Exclusive) Cammi Bright Talks Building Her Brand And Chasing Her Dreams!

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

[Writer: Lucie Jean]

When asked what Camille Bright is up to these days she calls it “QUEENIN!.” With being the executive producer and co-host of the “VIP Happy Hour” talk show, up and coming music artist and with acting being her first love, Cammi says her dream would be to have it ALL! Check out our exclusive interview with her below!

Tell me a little bit about how “VIP Happy Hour” got started and what inspired you ladies to give yourselves this platform?

Cammi: “VIP happy hour came from an idea I initially woke up with”. Shelley (Co-host) has a fashion segment, Chasity (co-host) is already a correspondent for red carpets and stuff. I really was just inspired by my girlfriend from London who has her own show over there and I thought hey how about I start this over here.”

Cammi also stated that she honestly became frustrated and annoyed at the fact that she wasn’t getting as much opportunities in the sense of agents calling her so she decided to boss up and create her own. Talk about GIRL POWER!

What does being a girl boss mean to you and what are some of the important attributes you think make a great girl boss?

Cammi: My definition of a girl boss is first, somebody who knows who they are. They know what their purpose is and they do everything that they can to fulfill that. You’re creating opportunities for yourself as well as others and just being able to have a platform that inspires”

Who are some of your inspirations and some of the successful people you look up to?

Cammi: “My biggest inspiration I would think is my Mom, because she’s the closest woman to me and she has shown me the way and I can vouch for her actions. She’s taught me how to be a woman of my word and to pursue my dreams but of course! I look up to Oprah and Ellen those are my girls!”

Some fun facts about Cammi are for one, her current favs right now in the music industry include but are not limited to SZA, Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars. As well as the legendary late Michael Jackson.

When asked who she’d loved to collaborate some day she answered Chris Brown.

“I’ve always been a fan of Chris Brown. I am like super Team Breezy. Hes so talented."

Cammi’s advice to people who are afraid to step out and follow their dreams...

“Everything that I’ve started I didn’t think I could do until I actually did it” The more you do it you get Confident and next three four months you can look up and things are happening for you.”

“Be yourself! That is your super power. There’s never going to be another you.” “Ain’t nothing to it but to do it.”

Supporting other girl bosses at is just what we love to do. The lovely Cammi is out here ”Queenin” and doing it well.

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