[ Exclusive Interview] Janine The Machine Talks New Music, Meditation And More!

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

[Writer: Ahsinet Monee]

With dope lyrics, versatile songwriting skills, and an amazing voice, Janine The Machine is the next big superstar!

From engineering her own sessions, to mixing her own vocals, Janine is definitely a hard working machine. Over the past year, the Detroit native infectious pop melodies with the ingenuity of Motown has caught the ear of some famous executives and producers such as Tricky Stewart. With the release of her EP this year, “High Places”, and her new visual Mañana, Janine is ready to showcase to the world her creative talent.

We got a chance to speak with Janine and talk new music, her new visual “Mañana”, produced by Tricky Stewart, and her different ways to meditate. Check it out below!

What made you get started with music, how was the beginning for you as a


Janine The Machine: “I’ve been in love with music my whole life, like I always knew I wanted to do something in music. I started as a songwriter, I just love like words, and melodies, and all of that. I was writing songs for a lot of TV shows and stuff like that, and then when I met Tricky Stewart, my producer. He was like yoooo.. You should be an artist, lets work on your project. And, that’s what we’ve been doing for the last year and half, just working on my project.”

So you released your EP, “High Places” this year. What were some of the steps you

took to making sure this EP was phenomenal, perfect?

Janine The Machine: “So the first thing always, I want to make sure everything I do and say is super authentic. Since it’s my first project, its like my introduction to the world. I just wanted people to [get] a feel of exactly who I am. So everything in the music has to be something from my life. It had to be authentic, it had to feel real. That’s the number one thing, I made sure that I wrote all my music, wrote all my lyrics, so that people could really get to know me through that. Then of course, I got some of the best-dopest producers, and engineers and people who have been in the game forever to kind of guide me, help me, to put everything together and make it sound phenomenal.”

You write all your songs, you mix all your music, and you have to perform it. How

are you able to juggle all these different task? And do you find it difficult at times?

Janine The Machine: “A lot of Meditation, I meditate like every single day otherwise I will be like a crazy person, So that’s how I keep myself calm and focus. But, honestly it is a lot of work but I love it. You know when you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t really feel like work. I’m waking up every morning, and I’m like I can’t wait to get to the studio, I can’t wait to get to rehearsal. I love it, it’s a blessing to do this so it doesn’t ever feel too hard.”

I see that you love crystals and meditation. What type of meditation do you recommend for those needing to unwind and relax?

Janine The Machine: “I always tell people you have to let the meditation find you. It’s different for everybody, something different works for everybody, and I do different things depending on the day. I maybe be sitting, somewhere in my car in the parking lot before I go into a meeting or something, and I may just sit there for myself and have five minutes. And, another day I may meditate to some music for thirty minutes. I think everybody has natural intuition, you’ll find-you’ll attract whatever you need. You don’t even have to go looking for it, if you have that intention it will come to you and you’ll know what to do.”

What are some must haves when recording in the studio to make sure your session goes smoothly?

Janine The Machine: “So the first thing is my mic, I use a Sony C 100, that is my favorite microphone a lot of people use that microphone, I have to have that Mic! I also like to have my crystals (Of course) to set the vibe. Some tea to get my vocals together, and then I love really dope lighting. Almost pitch black, with a ton of cool colorful lights just to fill out the vibe.”

Last month you shot your video for Mañana. Tell us about the process shooting the visual for Mañana?

Janine The Machine: “It was so much fun, because it was just really organic and it just felt natural. Basically, I shot it with some of my friends and we just shot it at some place that I like to hang out in Atlanta. So, it really wasn’t too difficult, we didn’t have to sit down and think of a whole treatment. Like I said, I wanted everything to feel like who I am, so I was like let’s shoot the video where I actually hang out. So all the spots in the video, the skate parks, there’s a healthy food store- that’s out in a weird area of Atlanta. Just all these different places that I love going to, we just went to and kicked it.”

Who is someone that you would like to collaborate with that you haven't already?

Janine The Machine: “Definitely Missy Elliot, I think she’s incredible she’s so ahead of her time. When I listen to her music now it still feels relevant, but it still feels futuristic now. She’s so dope, and I love that she’s a boss, a she’s woman, and she owns her own businesses. And, she writes her music and produces it herself. I really look up to her, I think she’s amazing. Then another person will be Kelis, because same type of vibe she’s so ahead of her time. She- just being cool, she has her own style and I really like that.”

If you could go back in time to the early stages of music back in the early 90’s who would you like to work with music wise?

Janine The Machine: “I want to say Mary J, that music- the whole soulful and R&B and then she was really talking about some stuff. She had a message, and it was relevant to her life. It was raw, it was emotion, you could feel it. She’s amazing.”

How do you feel about today's state of music and if you could change one thing about it what would it be? (if you wanted to change anything)

Janine The Machine: “I think it’s really dope. I think how music is it’s really cool, because people who maybe wouldn’t have had the opportunity to create in the past, because of budgets or studio or whatever. Now technology has changed all of that and you could literally be in your house creating some music on your computer with anything. You don’t need a lot of money to do it. So I think it’s dope it allows people to be creative, and I like that. It add an element of competition, because you have way more people doing it. You have to step your game up, because it ain’t just going out through major labels no more. Anybody can do it that’s what we're seeing a lot of, and I think that’s dope. I really wouldn’t change anything- I love it. I love the diversity, I love the different sounds, the different voices, I love it all. It’s more music being created than ever, so you really got to try to push the envelope to get people to notice. It allows people to actually have to think of something creative if they want to stand out.”

What type of legacy you want to leave behind with your music?

Janine The Machine: “I want people to feel empowered to be themselves. So that’s what High Places is all about. The name is basically saying do whatever you have to do to get to your high place in life. So mine, I do that through music that’s how I naturally express myself. With anybody it could be poetry, it could be teaching, it could be anything. I want people to hear my music and see like Oh-S**t, she’s not afraid to take chances with her creativity- be herself, and tell her story. I want people to get inspired by that and just live their lives authentically."

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