[ Exclusive] Stefon4U Talks “BAE” Album, Upcoming Tour And More

[Interviewed/Written By Alisha Brown] Instagram @lishablive

Originally born in Washington, DC and raised in Orlando, Florida, Stefon4U is an Atlanta-based R&B singer, songwriter, and actor. He has starred in the movie, “All Eyes On Me” as Puff Daddy and is making a name for himself in the music industry. We had the opportunity to speak with Stefon4U about his latest release, friendship with rapper Yung Joc, and more!

How would you describe your music to people who haven't heard of you before?

I guess you could say it's blunt. It's like the bluntness of a rap song except I sing. So where R&B artists are known for the “cloud” of being like that special R&B. We really good, we play with our words. I am little more blunt with it because I mean it's really my personality. I just say what I want. However I'm feeling at the time and it's just really direct. So for R&B artist, that's how I would describe it.

What was the inspiration behind BAE?

So oddly enough, even though BAE is a really happy song about my bae. I wrote the whole project after I got dumped by ‘bae’. It ended pretty abruptly and I didn't understand what happened. So for me, I wrote the album and ‘BAE’ was the title track because her name in my phone was her name bae. So I just took her name off and just left it at ‘BAE’ . So the whole album really is about that relationship. I wrote the album like a BET original movie, where I start the album really sad. But then, I go back to the beginning of the story and that's how the song “BAE” came around because things were good then.

What is your motivation to create music? Do you draw from your personal experiences only or use other people’s experiences as well?

I record in spurts. I can literally not record anything for months and then go in the studio and do like 30 songs in a week, just because I wait for the inspiration to hit me. I can say it does come from personal experiences but I don’t force it. I don't think about what's going on in my life and then go write about it.

Tell us about your album release party.

The release party was at a club venue that's [Yung] Joc’s club. And originally I wasn't sure if I was going to do a release party but everybody kept saying are you going to do a private party. I call Joc up and he naturally said yeah do it my club and you know we did it. But I didn't know who was showing up. So I show up and you got Scrappy walking around and Stevie jumping around. Everybody is there to hear this project and they're more excited than me because I'm just walking in and kind of cool just checking the atmosphere and they're more excited than me. The funny part is that no one expected to see any type of faces there. So imagine like this is not even a blocked area. They're walking around like they're just here like everybody else. So the atmosphere was so cool because everybody got to interact with all the celebrities that did show up because everybody was there walking around drinking with people and enjoying the album.

How is it having Yung Joc as a mentor in the music industry?

It has really great moments because it’s a lot of lessons. Everything doesn't come to you that easy. So it was him that even put the thought in my head to put myself in the city. I remember he told me this really early on, "I could put you in front of everybody's face. But that's not how Atlanta works. You've got to build your name up in Atlanta to the point where you know I'm just the extra. I'm just the extra incentive of helping you whereas like you built this following on your own. You built these fans on your own". So Joc was the person who put that in my head. You need to do this and you need to do that. He helped me really build my own brand with him beside me, almost like a big brother.

How do you feel that you differentiate yourself since you are a relatively new artist?

I've gotten to learn that it's less about the music and more that they buy in you first and then the music. It's important for people to buy into whoever you are and whoever you present yourself to be. As much as I am an actor, I don't like acting like anybody else. So I turned myself into just being the person that I really am. You know there's a closed door person. They have a public person. I just decided to open up the door and to be out. This is who I am. I'm the party animal guy. It's going to be out of almost all the party standing on people's tables and being obnoxiously fun and it's going to come out in my music the same way.

Tell us how you got the role as P.Diddy in the movie, “All Eyes On Me”.

I got that role by accident. They had a different Diddy. He was in a velour outfit when I saw him. I was in the trailer. I was just there to be an extra for some random scene for Death Row East Coast. And I was just making fun of him and honestly making fun of him was acting like Diddy. So this guy saw it and he told me go sit up upstairs in the trailer. I'm thinking I'm in trouble or something. He saw something else. Imagine being in front of the executive producer and they're pointing out both the "Diddys" were standing beside each other. They were saying this is the Diddy you got but look at this guy right here. Look at this guy doesn't he remind you of Puff when he was Puff Daddy more than Diddy. That's kind of how it all happened.

Since you are an artist and an actor, who are the top two people that you would want to collaborate with, both music and acting?

For acting I want to do a Will Ferrell movie or Mark Wahlberg movie cause they're hilarious. Those two together are hilarious. They always do a lot of duo movies. I've always wanted to be that black guy in one of those comedy movies. They always got one funny black guy for most of those type of movies and that sarcasm I always wanted to be that. If we are going for the black side of the movies, sounds old school, but I want to do some with Bill Bellamy. Just because his persona from the movie that he used to be it, so fits my persona of the style of acting that I like doing. I mean ‘How To Be A Player’ is my all time favorite movie. I've always wanted to work with Pharrell if were just talking music purposes. If we're talking about musical style that would be good for radio and sound really great together, I think me and Ty Dolla $ign could do some cool stuff.

Where do you see yourself in the next year?

In the next year, I do see a new project out in the next year. I'm going on tour soon. I haven't fully announced it yet but people know. I am going on tour in April. After that tour, I'm going to drop a project. From there in the next year, I can see me at least pushing for that Freshman Class cover for XXL.

Stefon4U’s tour dates are officially announced.

Listen to the album “BAE” HERE.

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