[ Exclusive] The Bobby DeBarge Story, June 29th On TV One

[Written By: Zakiyyah Wilbert]

Photo credit: TV One

On June 29, 2019, we will all witness the cautionary film, The Bobby DeBarge Story, presented by TV One and Swirl Film.

The film is a true depiction of legendary Bobby DeBarge, former lead singer of 70’s R&B/ Funk Band Switch and oldest sibling of the musically-gifted family DeBarge. Although the falsetto king is responsible for the sound of music we hear (to this day,) his traumatic childhood led him down a dark path of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.

The dynamite cast introduces many fresh new faces to your television screens. This film stars Roshon Fegan (Shake it UP, Greenleaf) as Bobby DeBarge, Tyra Ferrell (Boyz in the Hood, White Men Can’t Jump) as Etterlene DeBarge, Adrian Marcel as James DeBarge, Big Boi (Outkast) as Berry Gordy and Llyod as Gregory Williams.

On behalf of, I was able to get an inside scoop during a teleconference, hosted by TV One.

Roshan Fegan stated “As a child I grew up in a household of music-lovers and naturally was a fan of Bobby DeBarge, however I was unaware of his dark past. Never knew playing a role quite this deep required a ton of research. After watching several YouTube videos, I saw the pain in many of DeBarge’s performances.” Studying his pain allowed the talented actor to develop a personal connection, which enabled him to channel those emotions on film.

Tyra Ferrell acknowledges her difficulty with trying not to judge her character. She empathized with the pain and love she experienced saying, “Despite Etterlene DeBarge personal issues, she was more than a wife and mother. She was a manager, coach and artist (in her own right) and raising ten children would definitely have been difficult, which is why it was important to shine the best light on my character.”

Being that this is Llyod’s first major acting role, he mentioned, “Portraying a legend was not only exciting but an out-of-body experience. Although, I am unsure if acting is something I will permanently do. I had a lot of fun!”

The creators of the in-depth film hope to bring awareness to childhood trauma. Plus the affects it has on behaviors and highlight proper coping methods. The overall message to the audience is that children should be heard!


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