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[Writer: Brittany Chisem]

Meet Radio Roxxy, the beautiful and humble radio personality on Birmingham, Alabama’s station, 95.7 Jamz. This media beauty is an Alumna of Alabama A&M University, who started off her college journey undecided until she realized there was a lack of diversity and women in media. In that moment, Roxxy made it her mission to become a part of the media industry.

Was there a person in your college career who made a difference?

Radio Roxxy: “My Academic advisor influenced my entire college career. He was the one who pushed and advised me to take my craft seriously. The advice and time he would dedicate, inspired me to put in the effort to work harder.”

What keeps you motivated?

Radio Roxxy: I write everything down that I want to do, while praying to God and eventually it will manifest. I prayed and wrote that I’d receive a job in radio and through the grace of God, I got the job. God is real and I’m here to tell you that anything you want and need, God will open the door.

For instance, I applied for an internship with the radio station and was denied at first. However, I received an email telling me to re-apply and to be sure to take it serious as if I was actually applying for the job. I resubmitted my application and was granted access as an intern which led me to becoming an employee!

How do you get the creative process flowing when working on new ideas/interviews?

Radio Roxxy: Each time I interview an artist, rather if the artist is new or old, I ensure to do my research. This helps me to be creative in terms of creating questions that are tailored towards their career. Most importantly, treat yourself and your guest with respect while also making them feel comfortable.

What helps you to get out of your comfort zone while being on air?

Radio Roxxy: I was very shy growing up and public speaking is extremely nerve wrecking! I learned quickly that the shy person must leave the room quickly. However, what really elevated my craft was consistently practicing. The more you practice at anything you do, the more natural it’ll be and the more you’ll grow.

How do you feel about taking no for an answer?

Radio Roxxy: Embrace being told no. I always look at it as a blessing in disguise. The word no should motivate you to get a yes. If one door closes, another one will open. Most importantly, I learned this theory even more after meeting PhaShunta and learning about her story. She was told no and it led her to creating her own platform.

Outside of work, what would you say your greatest achievement is?

Radio Roxxy: I’m only 23 and I haven’t gotten to where I’d like to be. However, graduating college is a great achievement for me because I honestly didn’t like school. Yet, for me to pursue my dreams and finish out my college journey without giving up is an achievement in itself.

Who do you ultimately aspire to become in life?

Radio Roxxy: I eventually want to break into television, in a larger market. Right now, I want to focus on working towards my dreams and pray to God for my own show!

If there is anything in your life you could change about your journey, would you? If so why or why not?

Radio Roxxy: There is a lot I would change but I would take my journey while being in school more seriously. School guides you into becoming who you need to be in your career. However, it was a lesson learned and I still have more room to learn and grow.

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