Rising Artist That Guy Marz, Talks About His Career & Personal Goals Plus More!

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At just 22 years old, Marz is already taking over the entertainment industry. Straight out of Queens, Marz is determined to make a name for himself within this industry. He already had the opportunity to open up for some big name artist such as Diggy, Mindless Behavior, and Jacob Latimore. With the release of his new single “Lost Boi”, Marz is in the works of releasing his EP come next year. Marz music has the chaotic energy of New York City, but he manages to create something new rather than rehashing the traditional sounds of the city. had the chance to talk with Marz about his music, recent projects, goals and more!

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What made you want to join entertainment,, to be an actor, to be the amazing dancer and model that you are, tell me about the whole beginning to now?

Honestly, I just had dreams and aspirations of wanted to be like a star ever since a young age. I just been going hard with acting, music, dancing throughout these past years. Went to school for acting, also being doing shows like during the same time as my High school years. And, booking jobs doing commercials. I’m just in a place where I want to put out my message to the world and the best way possible and also show that you can be yourself, and be creative and follow your dreams, and that’s okay by doing you.

Wait, how old are you?

I’m 22,

I’m 22 but I’m actually turning 23 next week, my Birthday is next week, Dec 6.

Where you from?

I’m from Queen, NY. LeFrak City. And I’m also visiting LA right now, so I’m bi-coastal. But, yeah I’m from Queens.

Who is your role model within the acting industry, or music industry and why?

Acting Industry, I will have to say, I have two, Will Smith and Denzel. Whenever they have movies, I made sure I saw those in theatres. I also look up to them because they are African American actors that are very successful. Music Industry, I have a few inspirations, Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown. Missy Elliot visually, and her music as well. But, right now mainly Chris Brown, he’s one of the biggest entertainers in music, I definitely look up to him. Also, Drake. I have a lot of rap, there's a whole list I just could keep going.

Who would you say is your biggest motivator, or who was your biggest inspiration who keeps you going each day to make your dream happen?

I mean everything around me, my life is motivation. I would say just seeing how hard my mom works everyday is like my continuous motivation to change my life around and our situation and life. Basically, my mom will be my biggest motivation.

And, you opened for Diggy, Mindless Behavior, Jacob Latimore, and so much more. How did you land that, and how did you feel when you were able to open up for these artist?

It was quite the experience, I went from doing HS shows to being on those major platforms. So at first I had to get use to the swing of things, get use to the fans and stuff. Really engaging and showing love, and loving me as an artist. Once I started to get use to it, it was just a matter of putting on the best show possible. I fell in love with it. It was pretty cool, it was electrifying it was dope.

You released your new single “Lost Boi” can you tell me more about that and it’s entire process?

Lost Boy. I just released “Lost Boi”, I released the song and the music video on the day of Halloween. It has like a scary little vibe to it. What inspired the song, was just my obstacles, my different things in life. I was in a dark place, I was going through some tough times. I was battling depression based off certain situations I was going through. So, I made “Lost Boi” as a way of light to myself and the world. Just basically talking about different things that are going through my head, and different things I knew other people go through in their lives. It was just basically a record to connect with people, and get some things off my chest. And that’s what a lot of my project is going to be about, it’s going to be about a lot of relatable things.

Speaking of depression because I feel like we all go through it, What advice can you give to those out there who are struggling with depression, who are dream chasing, or could just be in school, whatever the case maybe, What advice can you give to those who are struggling with that?

I would say pray, or if you’re not the religious type a lot of people believe in like the universe and different things. I would say just pray and stay focus. In life we have a lot of things that try to derail us, just know who you are and find yourself. In that, just continue fight and never stop. Because it’s all a mental thing. In a sense we can think our way into depression, and we could think ourselves out of it as well. It just about how we take certain things in life, something negative can happen or we could be in a bad situation. But, if we choose to think of it that way than it will be that way, instead of thinking it that way we should use those negative things and turn them into positives. By using that to motivate us, using that to inspire us, and using that to keep us going.

Is there anyone out there that you will love to work with that you haven’t already, whether if it’s for acting, dancing, or music?

I would like to work with legends. There’s too many people to learn honestly. I want to work with some of the top producers in the game so I could get some big records.

I also know that you’re always in the studio working, what is the studio vibes like? How do you get into the zone just to work and make magic?

When I’m in the studio, most of the time it just me and my producer or whichever producer I’m working with. And you know I’m going through their beats, just listening to them, and picking out the right ones, whichever ones rub me the correct way are the beats that I’ll go on and start writing to.. Whichever beats I vibe with the most, It’s all about a vibe. Then, I’ll start writing, I’ll start free styling a little bit, trying to get my ideas together then I’ll start writing. I might get a hook, I’ll lay down the hook. After I lay down the hook, I’ll work on the verse and just continue putting the song together. I just aim for perfection, like I won't get on any beat. I’m not the type of artist that just hears something and tries to get things done. I really want things to be right, so I’m picky about my beat selection as well.

How do you pick your producers and your beats, do you have a selective of producers you work with already, or you open to working with new producers? How does go?

For a long time, I had a lot of trouble of getting beats and stuff like that. The beats that I will get on, will be certain beats that producers will send me. For a while, I had a hard time getting music done because I couldn’t afford to work with many producers and that was like a struggle for me. Now, I do have a couple producers I could go to. My producer in LA, his name is Gio he goes by GXO. I really appreciate him because he took the time out to really help me find my sound as an artist. He also works with me, it's basically that. I go off a vibe, it’s just vibe nowadays that’s what we call it. When we get into the studio we vibing, and if you got that fire we can work we can make something happened. I just don’t get on any beat, you really have to have something special for me to work with you.

I know you mentioned that you’re 22 turning 23, What is it like navigating in the music industry, or the entertainment industry, Do you feel like it’s hard or do you feel like it’s not hard, like I’m made for this I could do this?

It’s extremely hard. It’s HARD, HARD, HARD. You have to go through different phases. And, you also have to learn who you are, and you learn who you are throughout the whole process. Then you go through times when you are not getting any support, and that’s what puts a lot of us artist and creatives through tough times with getting our music heard and out there more when we don’t get the support that we need. It kills our inspiration in a sense. It does kill our vibe, but then we also use it to motivate us. So, I will say a lack of support is what’s hard. Then, you also have to prove people wrong, and you also have to impress people. It’s a lot of people that just doubt me in a sense like that, they been doubting me for years. Just because the fact that I’m a rapper that dances, so one of my things is that I have to prove people wrong. I have to show them that I could really spit, but then again I’m also an entertainer so I’m also going to have those songs where I have to tie both things together to show who I am as an artist. So I will just say winning people over is the hardest thing about navigating through this music industry, and just making sure everything sound right.

I also want to say Congrats on your MC Donald's commercial, that is so cool. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want people to see me as a person that never gave up, no matter what. No matter what obstacle came in my way. No matter what. I just never gave up, I kept going, and I was persistent. I been through a lot things that a lot people had gone through. As you'll hear more about it through my music and my project. I just want people to see me as a person that combined, rapping, dancing, and just as a great entertainer. I want people to look at me like as one of the best entertainers, and one of the best artist and actors of this time, really.

Do you have any remaining goals for this one month we have left, before going into a brand new year?

My goals in general is to perfect what I do, to continue writing great songs. Obviously, I want to book more jobs like acting, and I want to do shows. Just to continue to get my name out there, I want my following to increase. I have goals for that to happen, of course. So yeah, I have a lot of goals a lot of goals.

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